There is no cost to list with Pro-Market Realty, Inc. By giving us the exclusive right to sell your property, you are permitting us to work for you, and can take full advantage of the services that we have to offer.


We currently advertise in the Jefferson Democrat as well as most other local publications. We cannot promise you a definite number of ads; however, your property will be advertised periodically throughout the listing term, and will receive as much exposure as our other listings.


When we list a property, we make an attempt to find out as much about the property as possible; thereby making it easier to sell. Most of the information we gather is recorded on a data sheet. Copies of the data sheets are given to all of our agents to familiarize them with your property; should they have an interested buyer. Copies are also given or mailed out to those prospects who may inquire about the property or to those who we feel may be interested in buying.


When you list with us, you free yourself of having to be bothered by people calling at all hours. Our agents will handle all phone calls at the office or their own homes. Since they have pertinent data on your property, they can provide the necessary information on your property and can determine whether or not the caller is truly interested and able to afford your property, thus saving you time.


With your permission, we will place a sign on your property which can be seen easily by motorists passing by.


We have a complete list of all the property which we have listed for sale; including camps, acreage and commercial as well as residential property. This catalog is free to all interested parties and once you have listed your property with us, it will be placed in this handout.


Presenting you with an acceptable Sales Agreement is our main goal.